Thursday, January 10, 2008

Homemade in-the-ear ANR Aviation Headset

I made my own ANR in-the-ear Headset!

I went out to the hangar yesterday and found a 10 year old stereo headset that was replaced by a newer model long ago. I felt like a kid again riping it apart. I salvaged the rubber grommets and the volume control and drew out a schematic of the original wiring before taking the electrical harness apart. I went to Fry's electronics and bought some long heat shrink rubber tubing and nothing else, mainly because they didn't have any of the other stuff I was looking for! Unbelieveable!

Next stop, Radio Shack. They have it all. I bought a project box:

A 1/8" Stereo Panel Mount Jack:

A bag of assorted Grommets:

And a 6 foot stereo cable with two plastic coated wires and a shield for the mike.
Got my smarts from Wikepedia: (since I don't know Jack about Jacks)

I went to Target and got these battery powered noise cancellation earphones. I have a friend who rides Harleys and swears by them:

Then I remove the factory rubber plugs and replaced them with these earplugs from Walgreens. I took a soldering iron and burned a hole down the middle of the ear plug to allow the sound to reach my ear drums.

Here's what it looks like, minus the mike being attached to a "around the neck and over the ears" wire headset. The volume control is a real necessity for this headset! The all you have to do is plug the earphones into the phone jack plug.

Heres the headset, made out of an old coat hangar.

Results? I luv em'! I went on a long cross country in my Cessna 172 and was amazed at the difference.

Here's the website where I got the idea:

Have a goodun!

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